There is an immeasurable number of varieties of plant species, with feeding or medicinal purposes, that are of great use to humanity. They are threatened by the current proposal for monoculture and genetically modified seeds. We promote the organic farming of ancestral seeds in an effort to preserve diversity in nature and human food sovereignty.

The NGO Paz Sem Fronteiras (Peace Without Borders) acts as a guardian of ancestral seeds, farming and multiplying them.

Over millennia, farmers have adapted forms of cultivation for a wide range of plant species, ensuring a supply of food to sustain their communities. We preserve the fundamental knowledge for this cultivation and for prosperity.

Throughout our headquarters, we currently plant ancestral seeds of species such as corn, beans, pumpkin, sunflower, peanuts, cassava, and melon, among others. All cultivation is organic. We promote beneficial associations among plants for our gardens to thrive without chemicals.

We invite all volunteers from the NGO Paz Sem Fronteiras to learn the techniques of this ancestral farming, getting in contact with the soil and the natural rhythms and witnessing the gifts that nature offers to those who treat it with respect.