Paz Sem Fronteiras (Peace Without Borders) is a non-governmental, non-profit Brazilian organization, whose goal is to promote the Culture of Peace among living beings on planet Earth, seeking to provide everyone with a healthier and more harmonious way of life. We organize artistic activities and establish creative meetings and dialogues, contributing to the construction of a sustainable global society.

Created by playwright and poet Ana Vitória Vieira Monteiro, the NGO has participants from the most diverse fields of knowledge, including artists, writers, doctors, veterinarians, pedagogues, psychologists, biologists, lawyers, researchers, and opinion makers from different areas. These members and supporters are the Volunteers of Peace, committed to spreading it by means of their own gifts, through social, ecological, artistic, and cultural actions.

We consider peace a universal value established in the love for life and in the enjoyment of human and planetary rights, fundamental to all beings. “Culture of Peace” is understood as the set of values, actions, attitudes, and worldview based on freedom, unity, and the practice of full consciousness.

The organization Paz Sem Fronteiras is inclusive and respects all ethnicities, genders, religious beliefs and political convictions. We act by means of love, fraternity, freedom, respect, generosity, solidarity, art, beauty, ethics, efficiency, and independence.